Phil Cryer

an open source technologist and privacy advocate
with a passion for art and music


My official spiel says that I'm an Open Source technical generalist of senior caliber and interests, with over fifteen years of industry experience, including cloud computing, virtualization, networking, storage, converged systems, research and development, security, operations and special projects. Privacy advocate, and international speaker with a strong social media presence that enables high visibility into cutting edge technologies as well as an industry wide renowned reputation.

Basically I'm an open source technologist and privacy advocate, with a passion for art and music. I hold a bachelor's degree in fine arts, and believe that imagination is more important than knowledge. Above all I am a gently aging punk and practicing trouble maker.


I consider myself a hacker, in the positive connotation of the word, and an open source technologist. I've been using open source software, including operating systems like Linux and BSD, since early 1995. I know that there's always multiple ways to do things, which leads to constant learning and discovery to solve technical challenges. As I consider myself to be standing on the shoulders of giants, I pay it forward by sharing everything that I write as open source.

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I've spoken to audiences around the world on topics of using open source software, archival techniques for scientific biodiversity data, and information security. I've spoken at infosec conferences such as DEF CON, Derbycon, B-SidesLV, SecureWorld and Semafor-ISSA. These talks focus on user's electronic rights and civil liberties while educating users about how their data is used by companies so they can to increase their privacy online. As an active member of the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) I lead online discussions on ongoing legal issues and assist in working with other grassroots groups to share knowledge.

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I've been painting off and on most of my life, but didn't find my voice until college. After some stops and starts, I'm recently focusing much more time on new pieces and developing new art concepts. I explore texture and contrast by constantly mixing disparate paints and materials on dense, wood panels. In future pieces I'm planning to utilize new materials, and technology, to explore new concepts.



I was very fortunate to be able to travel and work with people from all over the world when I worked in the biodiversity realm, along with some limited national travel for infosec conferences. The current list of countries I've traveled to: Mexico, Jamaica, United Kingdom, Denmark, Canada, Australia, Germany, China and France. I greatly look forward to adding to that list!

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